IJACEE ISSN (Online) : 2395-3837
Title    :   Latest Developments In Solar Desalination With Energy Storage
Authors    :   Srinivasan Kumar (PhD) , Krishna (PhD) , EndalkachewMosisa (PhD)
Keywords    :   Desalination, energy storage materials, PCM (phase change materials), productivity enhancement, solar still.
Issue Date    :   January 2020
Abstract    :   Solar is quite extremely assured choice for obtaining fresh water from saline or brackish water as it uses solar energy which is free, non-toxic and inexhaustible. Continuous hard work has ended by various researchers worldwide to increase its productivity. Solar quite can be integrated with energy storage materials to improve the concentrate output. A power cache material supplies the force in the form of rational warm or covert warm through day and discharge in off light hour’s resultant in enlarge of clean irrigate production. In the current exertion, an importance has known to appraisal the arrangement and concert of solar quite included with different thermic repository resources.
Page(s)    :   Pages : 1 - 6
ISSN(Online)    :   2395-3837
Source    :   IJACEE - Volume 6 Issue 1
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