ISSN (Online) : 2395-3527
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IJAEEE ISSN (Online) : 2395-3527
Title    :   Design And Development Of Brain Signal
Authors    :   V.Rajesh Kannan
Keywords    :   Brain Computer Interface, Electro Encephalo Gram, Electro Myo Gram, Level Analyzer Techniques, Robotic Wheelchair
Issue Date    :   May 2016
Abstract    :   This work presents the design and development of brain computer interface detection as an alternative communication channels to be used in Robotics. It encompasses the implementations of an ElectroEncephaloGraph (EEG), as well as the developments of all computational methods and necessary techniques to identify mental activity. The developed brain computer interface (BCI) is applied to activate the movements of a 120lb mobile robot, associated four different mental activities to robot command. The interface is based on EEG signal analyses, which extracts features that can be classified as specific mental activities. First, a signal processing is performed from the EEG data, filtering noise, using a spatial filter’s to increase the scalp signal resolution, and extracting relevant features. Then a different classifier models are proposed, evaluated and compared. At last two implementations of the developed classifiers are proposed to improve the rate of successful command to the mobile r
Page(s)    :   Pages : 12-15
ISSN(Online)    :   2395-3527
Source    :   IJAEEE - Volume 2 Issue 5
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