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IJAET ISSN (Online) : 2455-0523
Title    :   Analysis Of Iot Based Wireless Sensors
Authors    :   Mr. G.Jeevanantham, Jensiya Evanjalin G , Nysha
Keywords    :   Environmental monitoring, IOT, Machine learning algorithm, SMTP protocol etc.
Issue Date    :   February 2020
Abstract    :   Environmental monitoring is the monitoring of the quality of environment and to control the risk of pollution. The evolution of new chemicals and industries process has come the introduction or elevation of pollutants in the atmosphere as well as the environmental research and regulations increasing the demand for air quality monitoring .Now-a-days air pollution are one of the most important concerns of the world. Most of the major cities in developing countries and most cities of the developed countries are suffering from it. Thus to develop a real time air quality and pollution monitoring system is critical. Here we propose an idea for monitoring and predicting air quality based on IOT which combined a small-sized, minimum-cost sensor to an arduino unit. It is affordable, user-friendly, low-cost and minimum-power requirement hardware which is appropriate for mobile measurement, as well as comprehensible data collection. It has processing software able to analyze, collected quality.
Page(s)    :   Pages : 22-24
ISSN(Online)    :   2455-0523
Source    :   IJAET - Volume 6 Issue 2
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