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IJAET ISSN (Online) : 2455-0523
Title    :   Smart Agricultural Land Monitoring
Authors    :   Dr.S.Subasree, Vengateshwaran.K, Vignesh.K
Keywords    :   Agriculture in India, natural environment, FIWARE project, network failures etc.
Issue Date    :   February 2020
Abstract    :   Agriculture in India is still c arrived out in conventional way and lags behind in integrating modern technologies. For many decades, plants have been grown in controlled environments, especially in countries where the climate is harsh, either extremely cold or extremely hot. Greenhouses, often called hothouses in cold countries, provide the controlled environment to grow crops which otherwise would not have been possible in the natural environment. This paper includes smart irrigation with smart control and intelligent decision making based on accurate real time field data. Which includes soil moisture sensor, water level sensor, ultrasonic sensor and PIR sensor. Controlling of all these operations will be through computer connected to Internet and the operations will be performed by interfacing sensors. The data can be completely updated faster when compared to other wireless computing. We present the implementation of an open architecture that instantiates such an approach.
Page(s)    :   Pages : 31-33
ISSN(Online)    :   2455-0523
Source    :   IJAET - Volume 6 Issue 2
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