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IJAET ISSN (Online) : 2455-0523
Title    :   Ac Synchrous Transmitter And Receiver Controller
Authors    :   P.Subash Chandran, V.Udhaya Kumar, R.Dhivya,
Keywords    :   Synchronous; Transmitter; Receiver; Transformer.
Issue Date    :   March 2016
Abstract    :   Synchronal are specially wound rotary transformers with the stator windings typically fixed, Synchronal transmitter and receiver is widely used where remote indication of some angular reading is required. The rotor connections are brought out via slip rings. With the proposed control, the communication between the transmitter and receiver side is not required. The simple converter topology has reduced number of switches on the secondary side as compared to typical inductive energy transfer secondary-side dc/dc converter topologies. The transfer function of the converter is also derived analytically. Conduction losses, switching losses, and efficiency estimation are provided considering the transmitter and receiver side of the wireless converter. The proposed control strategy adjusts the output voltage of the system by phase-shift tuning of the active switches in the receiver.
Page(s)    :   Pages : 1-5
ISSN(Online)    :   2455-0523
Source    :   IJAET - Volume 2 Issue 3
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