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IJAET ISSN (Online) : 2455-0523
Title    :   Efficient Navigation System For Visually Impaired
Authors    :   Revathy.J, Senthil kumar.M, Anitha.A, S.Mohan, Dr.R.Deepa
Keywords    :   PIC125C508, Proximity Unit, Navigation Unit, RFID Tag.
Issue Date    :   March 2016
Abstract    :   One of the technical challenges for the modern society is to detect and find a solution for visually impaired, with increased security and service motto towards the society helped to bring a solution which would help the visually impaired. The navigation assistant technology using RFID Tag Grid minimizes the dependency. The reader used in this system is embedded in the mobile and shoes to avoid dependency on travel. The RFID reader matches with the specified to that ID and a voice signal from device/ headphone is for voice guidance. The proximity sensing unit is an auxiliary unit is added as a solution to address unexpected and non-mapped obstacles in the user’s path. Basically it contains Ultrasonic Sensor Unit interfaced with microcontroller which is inter-linked to a vibrator that would be activated when nearing obstacles. This system is technically and economically feasible and may offer a maximum benefit to the disabled.
Page(s)    :   Pages : 19-22
ISSN(Online)    :   2455-0523
Source    :   IJAET - Volume 2 Issue 3
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