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IJAET ISSN (Online) : 2455-0523
Title    :   Improving Functional Synchronization And Density
Authors    :   S.Raja, S.Saravanakumar, Mohanaprasanth.K, Naveen.S, Radhakrishna Pai, Vyshak Vijayan.
Keywords    :   traffic density, grey scale image
Issue Date    :   March 2016
Abstract    :   The project is designed to develop a density and synchronized based dynamic system .The signal timing changes automatically on sensing the traffic density at the junction. The traffic congestion is a severe problem in many cities across the world. Current traffic signal light system is based on fixed time concept allocated on the each side of the junction which cannot be varied as per the varying traffic density at the junction .The image captured by the camera in the traffic signal is processed and converted into grey scale image .Then the threshold of the image is calculated based on which the contour is drawn in order to calculate the number of vehicles. We will come to know which side the density is high. Based on this we are able to allocate the time for each junction using fuzzy logic and synchronize multiple junctions in the network based on the traffic density
Page(s)    :   Pages : 23-26
ISSN(Online)    :   2455-0523
Source    :   IJAET - Volume 2 Issue 3
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