ISSN (Online) : 2394-6237
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IJAICE ISSN (Online) : 2394-6237
Title    :   Performance Analysis Of Shannon-fano Coding And Tunstall Coding
Authors    :   Ezhilarasu.P, Murali.C, Krishnaraj.N, Sowmya.R, Manoj Prabhakar.J, Karpagam.R
Keywords    :   Shannon-Fano coding, Tunstall coding, Compression, Encoding, Decoding.
Issue Date    :   May 2016
Abstract    :   In this paper, we compare Shannon-Fano coding and Tunstall coding for two types of input. First, input with 200 characters (16 unique characters) used for comparison. Then, random input with mixed characters and mixed probability of unique characters used for comparison. The three condition namely compression ratio, space savings, and average bits calculated and then compared for both the compression.
Page(s)    :   33-53
ISSN(Online)    :   2394-6237
Source    :   IJAICE - Volume 2 Issue 5
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