ISSN (Online) : 2394-6237
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IJAICE ISSN (Online) : 2394-6237
Title    :   Trust Based Co-operative Dsr Routing Protocol For Manet
Authors    :   K.Nishanthi, R.Vijayakumar
Keywords    :   MANET,trustvalue,trustworthiness,malicious node
Issue Date    :   May 2016
Abstract    :   Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are spontaneously deployed over a geographically limited area without well-established infrastructure. The networks work well only if the mobile nodes are trust worthy and behave cooperatively. Due to the openness in network topology and absence of a centralized administration in management, MANETs are very vulnerable to various attacks from malicious nodes. In order to reduce the hazards from such nodes and enhance the security of network, The proposed work presents a dynamic trust model to evaluate the trustworthiness of nodes, which is based on the nodes historical behaviours and future behaviour and the proposed trust predication model have been integrated into the Source Routing mechanism termed as Trust based co-operative Dynamic Source Routing protocol which provides a flexible and feasible approach to choose the shortest trust worthy route that meets the security requirement of data packets transmission by isolating the malicious nodes.
Page(s)    :   65-69
ISSN(Online)    :   2394-6237
Source    :   IJAICE - Volume 2 Issue 5
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