ISSN (Online) : 2394-6237
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IJAICE ISSN (Online) : 2394-6237
Title    :   Achieving Cloud Data Sharing Using Key
Keywords    :   Data Security, Cloud, Integrity, Bulk Request, Bulk Response, Dynamic Keys
Issue Date    :   March 2020
Abstract    :   In Cloud Storage there is an important functionality called Data Sharing. But the query always present in every one’s mind is how to securely, efficiently, and flexibly share data with others in cloud storage. The preferred suppleness of distribution any collection of chosen credentials with any assembly of user’s difficulties poles apart encryption keys to be used for dissimilar credentials. On the other hand, this also involve the obligation of steadily distribute to users a outsized amount of keys for both encryption and rummage around, and those users will have to securely store the traditional keys, and put forward an equally hefty number of keyword trapdoors to the cloud in order to perform search over the shared data. A new public-key cryptosystem is introduced to produce a constant size cipher texts called KASE. Advanced Key sharing system based on hint text methodology is formed to share the data safely. Once the data sharing is completed then the key aggregate differs
Page(s)    :   5-9
ISSN(Online)    :   2394-6237
Source    :   IJAICE - Volume 6 Issue 3
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