IJAICE - Journal Papers

Sheltered Wireless Antenna Grid Using Dynamism Based Encryption

Authors :  Dr. SIVAKUMAR K , Mr. D. KALEESWARAN | Pages : 60-65

A Secured Video Steganography By Linear Feedback Shift Register Method

Authors :  Rajpreetha C, Haripriya C, Vanitha Lakshmi M | Pages : 56-59

Design And Implementation Of Intelligent Vehicular Ad-hoc Network

Authors :  Naveena Priya T, Suvitha S, Balakumaran D | Pages : 51-55

Predicting Bus Arrival Time With Mobile Phone Based Participatory Sensing

Authors :  RinorobinA, Thamaraimuthumani | Pages : 46-50

An Emergence Of New Technology For Scandalous And Dupeidentification With Saliency Map

Authors :  N.T.Gopalakrishnan , A.Thamaraimuthumani | Pages : 39-42

Huddle Based Certificate Revocation With Vindication Capabilty In Large Scale Wireless Networks

Authors :  T.Archana Devi, K.Petchiappan, Dr.K.Balasubadra | Pages : 35-38

An Hard Stuff Appeal For Travel Package Commendation

Authors :  S. Agalya, A.Thamarai Muthumani | Pages : 31-34

Direction With Way Point Maker Using Google Map Api

Authors :  K.S.Ramya, S.Reshma, Dr.S.Venkatesan | Pages : 28-30

Modern System In Distributed Supply Chain Management

Authors :   S.Kannadhasan | Pages : 25-27

Multi-sensory Learning For Autonomous Navigation System For Visually Impaired

Authors :   K. Sujitha, M. Pavithra, S. Gokula Krishna, G. Asma, S. Krishna Kumar | Pages : 22-24

Performance Evaluation Of Secure Power Aware Routing Protocols For Manet

Authors :  R.Mohanapriya, K.prabha, M.Mekala, K.Jothiragavi | Pages : 17-21

Route Allocation For College Bus Transit Network With Balanced Load

Authors :  M.K.Sampath, P. kiruthika, S. kiruthika, V. Krishna Karthick Kumar | Pages : 14-16

Efficient Data Access In Disruption Tolerant Networks Using Cooperative Caching With Drama

Authors :  Dinesh.E, Akshaya.S, Ashini Meena.P,Bhuvaneswari.S, Deepak.A | Pages : 9-13

Ontology Based Semantic Information Retrieval Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Authors :  Gomathi A, Jayapriya J, Nishanthi G, Pranav K S,Praveen Kumar G | Pages : 5-8

Optimizing Server Utilization In Cloud Based Datacenter

Authors :  Kavya S,Malathy G,Parkavi B | Pages : 1-4