We received ISSN (Online) 2455 – 0523 for our "International Journal on Applications in Engineering and Technology" and ISSN (Online) 2455 – 1007 for our "International Journal on Applications in Basic and Applied Sciences" from "NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION RESOURCES, New Delhi 110067" on October 19 & 31 , 2015 , Thank you for Authors , Editors, Reviewers and other members of our team.
    Notes For Submission

Submission of Manuscript
♣   Should submit electronic version (Microsoft word doc) of the manuscript to the editor via online or e-mail.
♣   For IJAICE Journal : aetsijaice@gmail.com.
♣   For IJAMPE Journal : aetsijampe@gmail.com.
♣   For IJACEE Journal : editorijacee@gmail.com.
♣   For IJAEEE Journal : editorijaeee@gmail.com.
♣   Accepted papers will be acknowledged and processed further.
♣   If the papers are rejected, the decision will be communicated to the corresponding author.
♣   The manuscripts will not be returned.
♣   Acceptance or rejection of the manuscript would be decided after the decision of editorial team.
♣   Acceptance or rejection of the manuscript for publication in journal would be informed to corresponding author within 6 working days from the time of submission.

We accept manuscript under following categories:

♣        Original Research Articles
♣        Review
♣        Short communications
♣        Perspectives (Innovative teaching methods, innovative practice approach, novel models, debates, view points)
♣        Invited articles
♣        Case reports
♣        Letter to Editor
♣        Research Proposals or Synopsis
♣        M.Tech / M.E / PhD Thesis
♣        Survey Paper